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REH Forks are classic off-road competition motorcycle forks for pre-65 trials and pre-68 + pre-74 moto-x.

They were created in Britan in the 1960s by engineer Robin Humphreys and revived in 2014 by Duncan Macdonald, engineer and trials rider.

Today's REH Forks are true to the form, and ethos, of Robin Humphrey's orignal design. At the same time, they are made to modern engineering standards, to meet the challenges of today's classic trial  and classic moto-x competitions. REH forks and yokes are in use all  over the world, ridden and recommended by top riders in both trials and moto-x.

They are eligible for all the major UK classic trials, including Pre65 Scottish, Leven Valley 2-Day, Highland Classic 2-Day and the Isle of Man International 2-Day. REH Forks is proud to support Pre65 Scottish as a 'Friend of the Trial' and provides the trophy for Best Britshock Over 200cc for the Leven Valley 2-Day.


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Top: Duncan Macdonald wihh the Leven Valley 2-Day Trial trophy for Best Britshock over 200cc, made from a set of REH Yokes

Below: Judy Macdonald (Armac Cub) at the Reliance, NBBC champs (pic: John Hulme/Yoomee).

Right: Duncan Macdonald (500 Ariel), Blue Bar Pre-65 Trophy Trial

JA-JH2013 JDF-Wsport-web JDF with trophy

HISTORY: Robin Humphreys started his motorcycle career at the age of 12, on a 1922 Levis. By the age of 17 he was scrambling a 500HS Ariel and over time drifted slowly from riding, to mechanical side of motorcycling.

He served an apprenticeship as a tool maker, then set up a engineering workshop in his father’s commercial garage (REH Precision, in Berkshire). He worked on tyres and exhausts for a while, then hit on the idea of making forks. The main customer in the early days was Sprite Motorcycles, with up to 100 pairs a week going out the door. In these early days sliders were sand-cast from a wooden pattern, but later cast iron patterns were made so the sliders could be die-cast.

The next step was hubs, then yokes; and R.E.H was even used as  a brand name on a complete motorbike.

Robin Humphreys' passion was - and remains - making things, and his focus was good engineering practise. In this sense, he has plenty of common with Duncan Macdonald, who has picked up the R.E.H baton to keep Humphreys’ vision in today’s classic trials

email: [email protected]                  tel: 01751 417371