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Because performance can deteriorate progressively, it is a good idea to have fixed service intervals with forks, as you would with a car.

REH Trials Forks: every 18 months or 150 hours' use for optimum performance.

REH Moto-X Forks: every 12 months or 80 hours' use



Strip, inspect and rebuild

New oil

New dust and oil seals, plus new foam lubricators

Inspect bushes and wear rings. If bushes (£38.40 set) and wear rings (£15 set) need replacing, we will do this during the service; please tell us in advance if you need to be contacted prior to any potential replacements



Upgrade damper rod to latest spec (for forks with serial numbers 001-100) in conjunction with Fork Service only


Fork legs ONLY should be returned for servicing, in a clean state, or a cleaning charge will be made. They can also be polished on request (please note: we can polish out small scratches but not deep gouges. Fork Leg Guards (£27) are designed to protect the sliders against damage.

Cleaning: £24

Polishing: £54


REPLACEMENT STANCHIONS   £120 or £150 (see options)

Damaged stanchions can be replaced.

Bare stanchion: £120 (you also need new dust and oil seals as bare minimum, assuming you re-use all components from damaged stanchion)

Part-assembled: £150. New stanchion, part-assembled with items 8,9,14,25,30 from the General Assembly diagram (provided with the forks), plus a new oil and dust seal worth £15. You will need to reassemble the fork leg with damper rod, spring, oil etc. 

Or combine with a full service, for a reduced part-assembled stanchion price of £120 (total £240 for service and rebuild of pair of forks + 1 new part-sssembled stanchion as described above). We have specialist tools + jigs to avoid damaging components, avoiding further costs incurred in self-assembly. Your forks will be returned as new (not polished unless you have requested this), ready to ride with no self-assembly, oil etc required.



Foam Lubricators: Pressure washing and the trials environment - dust, dirt, water, mud - can infiltrate and damage the dust seals. This can contaminate the environment between dust and oil seals, and compromise the smoioth action of the fork.

For 2017 (fork numbers 101-150), REH Forks incorporate foam rings soaked in special lubricant to work in between the dust and oil seals, to stop the internal seal lips drying out. These foam lubricators act like a cross between an automatic lubricator and an air filter. The main effects are

- reduce stiction

- increase seal life

- Included in Service Charge for all REH Forks.


Damper Rod V.2: Our 2017 damper rod upgrade notably improves damping action.

- Allows the use of thinner oil so it can move through the damping holes more freely. This gives more accurate and more consistent damping

- Reduces emulsifaction of oil, giving longer oil life

Available as an upgrade for forks with serial numbers 001-100 (£45), with a Fork Service


PLEASE NOTE: SERVICE and UPGRADE options are only available for REH Forks with serial numbers. We cannot service other makes of fork, or original REH Forks.

Assembly-3 Assembly-4 Assembly-5 Polish-1


We can collect and/or deliver your REH Forks by courier. Cost is £21 each way. To insure your forks to £1000 please contact us for prices. If you do not choose to add insurance, loss/damage during shipment is limited to £50

You must provide a daytime address where someone can sign for a collection/delivery during working hours.

Forks must be securely wrapped and packed for shipping, ideally with multiple layers of bubble wrap inside a 2 or 3-layer cardboard box or firmly wrapped corrugated cardboard. Dimensions should be approx 90cm x 20cm x 15cm