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Assembled R.E.H Trials Forks v.2 include:


* REH v.2 internals (see details below)


* State-of-the-art seal technology from Ariete


* 35mm diameter stanchions


* Sliders machined from 2014A billet aluminium (a very hard, strong grade), to replicate the original R.E.H castings


* Available in 3 lengths: 762mm (30”), 787mm (31"), 812mm (32”). Measured from centre of wheel spindle to top of stanchion.

ALSO: extended top nut to add 1/2" /12.7mm to length for fine-tuning (included in price if ordered as part of fork build, £60/pair if ordered to extend existing forks)


* 3 spring rates: soft, medium, hard


* Internally adjustable pre-load


* Brake anchor lug compatible with Tiger Cub replica hubs.


* Replacement stanchions available (part-assembly)


* For use with a push-through spindle, as used on replica hubs. To use R.E.H forks with an original Triumph Cub hub, the hub must be converted to a push-through spindle.


* R.E.H Forks and Yokes are eligible for the Pre-65 Scottish

2-Day Trial


PRICE: £990 for assembled fork legs, then choose from R.E.H Options to customise your forks




Using R.E.H Yokes

Fork travel: 165mm

REH yoke total depth top & bottom yoke: 60mm (30mm each)

Minimum distance from centre of wheel spindle to underside of bottom yoke: 560mm


R.E.H fork length   Max. steering head tube length

762mm / 30"          142mm

787mm  / 31"         167mm

812mm / 32"          192mmm


Non-R.E.H yokes

Measure from the top of the top yoke to the bottom of the bottom yoke when it is fitted to the bike. Deduct this figure from one of the 3 REH fork lengths (762mm, 787mm, 812mm). The end figure must be no less than 560mm. You can use the extended top nuts (available from end January 2017) to add an extra 12.5mm.


To ensure the mudguard does not hit the underside of the bottom yoke, the distance from the centre of the wheel spindle to the underside of the bottom yoke must be a minimum of 560mm / 22 inches.


1) A shorter fork will quicken steering and reduce ground clearance

2) A longer fork will slow steering and increase ground clearance

3) A longer fork can be adjusted through the yokes to affect steering and overall length

4) Take into account your frame manufacturer's recommendation on fork length



Email: [email protected]


Call us on: 01751 417371 or 07876 433582

Main fork picture shows: assembled fork legs (£990) with Mudguard Brace Assembly (£27), Brace Clamps (set 1, £66), Spindle (£54), REH 3D Trials Yokes (£360). 


Above: Mudguard Brace Assembly (£27) + Set 1 Brace Clamps (£66).

Below: Spindle (£54 with spacers)



Forks + any Options: £21 (UPS next day)


Large Options: £15 (UPS next day): eg Mudguards, Yokes


Small Options as single items: £6.90 first class recorded, £13 special delivery post (weight less than 2kg, in a compact package),

 eg Spindle, Mudguard Brace Assembly, Brace Clamps, Spanner, Brake Anchor Plate, spare seals/bushes etc

* Please contact us to check that your order fits the Small Options sizings

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Forks v.2: upgraded internals

Foam Lubricators:

Pressure washing and the trials environment – dust, dirt, water, mud – can infiltrate and damage the dust seals. This can cause ontamination between dust and oil seals, and compromise the smooth action of the fork.

Forks v.2 (fork numbers 101-150) incorporate foam rings soaked in special lubricant to work in between the dust and oil seals, to stop the internal seal lips drying out. These foam lubricators act like a cross between an automatic lubricator and an air filter.

The main effects are

- reduce stiction

- increase seal life

- improved high-speed damping

- available for forks 001-100 as part of a Fork Service


Damper Rod v.2:

Our damper rod upgrade notably improves damping action.

- Allows the use of thinner oil so it can move through the damping holes more freely. This gives more accurate and more consistent damping

- Reduces emulsification of oil, giving longer oil life

- Fork numbers 001-100: optional damper rod upgrade to v.2 spec as part of a fork service


Weigh yourself, then the front of your bike (roll the front wheel onto bathroom scales), add together.

SOFT: up to 130kg.

MEDIUM: 130-150kg.

HARD: 150kg+


You can mix 2 spring weights, for fine adjustment

Example: Duncan weighs 83kg / 13 stone. He rides with 2 soft springs in his Armac Cub (30"), and 2 medium springs in the Ariel (31")


Note: Forks V.2 are supplied with 7.5 weight Putoline oil, or 10 weight for hard springs.

We sell Putoline HPX 7.5W and 10W in 1-litre bottles.

R.E.H OPTIONS - click here


- Wheel spindles 15mm or 17mm including universal hub spacer kit, in alu or steel

- Mudguard brace assembly (2 sizes)

- Brace clamps (2 options)

- Fork leg guards

- Brake anchor plate

- Hinged brake anchor bracket

- Front mudguard

- Spare springs

- Replacement seals